Sushi Time

Amidst battling with an acute bout of hayfever and surviving on only 3 hours sleep (thanks to the lovely early sunrises we get here), today I decided to make sushi for lunch. It'd been a while, and I was in the Japanese food mood from having my dear friend Anri and her family over for dinner last night. (More on than another time.)

It must be noted that this was an - how to put it? - odd selection of sushi. We had no salmon or avocado around... heck, we didn't even have tuna or cucumber! I think I stared into the fridge for a good few moments in a sort of shocked disbelief that none of the fillings I would normally use were putting up residence in our kitchen. So what did I supplement? Turkey slices, tamagoyaki, and umeboshi, with hints of wasabi thrown in every now and again.

Told you they were odd.

But anyways, it was all at least edible. The turkey sushi had an interesting western twang to it, almost like sushi you'd make for your kid to get them used to the idea. The tamagoyaki ones were nice as well, but I think I'll pass on the umeboshi next time. Reminded me too much of onigiri.

Without further to do then, the photographic evidence.

After the meal I finished off a piece of my dad's birthday cake, the rich chocolate perfectly countered by the mild bitterness of green tea. It was one of those precious "me moments" that allows us to step back, take a deep breath, and have a moment of calm in our busy lives.

Afterwards, I could sit back with a sigh, look out at the deep cerulean sky and our beaming star called the sun, and think to myself, "I am content."

Even despite the energy-draining congestion in my sinuses that makes my head feel like it's going to implode.


Moriah said…
FABULOUS photography Julia, I thought they were professional! And I don't lie. :)
Julia said…
Aw, thank-you! That boosts my confidence in a way you can't comprehend. :)


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