My First Dish Set


I feel all grown up. Seriously.


Story behind it: My mother and I were in town the other day, and this church that has closed down (and been turned into a nightclub of all things; yes, Scotland needs prayer) was having a sale of sorts. I suppose previous members were able to come and sell off stuff they didn't need any more. Anyways, my mom and I find it, and there's this dish set for £3.00. You read that right: just three quid. It has six cups, saucers and small plates in excellent condition. They look very British and a bit like something my grandmother might have in her house should she hail from Brighton, but they're cute nonetheless. We're gonna try to find some dinner plates in a green that would match.


And thus begins the acquiring of stuff for my student days. I can barely contain my excitement.



CHARLOTTE ^^ said…
Julz... You'll never believe it... But we have that exact set here in the house! I think my parents got in when the moved in together... Maybe when i was 6?
It's good stuff, It will last. ^^
Julia said…
Seriously?! Oh my gosh, that's awesome! And so weird... haha. Guess it really is a small world after all. I'll think of you as I use them. ;)

J xo
grace said…
AWESOME. And Ikea has some green dishes, if you're looking for some. : ) When you FINALLY (haha) make it to the city for good, we are definitely scheduling a coffee date. Can't WAIT; I'm so excited!!
Julia said…
Wonderful! I will be checking out Ikea then. :) Thanks for the tip! And you got priority for that coffee date girl. Time just won't go fast enough!!

J xo
Anonymous said…
Julia you will officially be the POSHEST student in the history of study.
I graduated 12 years ago and still don't have saucers! Am I missing something?

I'm just imagining all your flatmates eating beans on mouldy toast from the lid of a tupperware container and tea with slightly sour milk and in an immaculately tidy corner there's Julia with her milk jug, sugar cubes and bone china tea set!!

Julia said…
Haha! Oh Miranda, you had me in giggles :) I'm certain I will be a rather odd student... not partying 24/7, keeping everything neat and tidy... but I wouldn't have it any other way! ;)

J xo

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