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I put the last witty and well-written sentence into my four-paragraph-long blog post, which described my new relationship with this thing called "rain" and generally summed up our recent holiday in the Motherland, and as Blogger sweetly autosaved what I'd written, I hit "Publish Post" with a sigh and a smile on my face. I read over it again on the public face of my blog, checking the overall look and searching for any missed spelling mistakes. Finally, assured that my hour's work had been well spent, I closed my browser and went on to dabble in other things.

Ha. A scenario of my dreams, that.

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I'd just finished, after an hour or so of relatively enjoyable writing, a long-overdue blog post that I'd actually been inspired to write, when suddenly I accidentally press some spastic key that deletes the bulk of what I've just laboured so hard in. After spending a second in shocked disbelief, a couple more frantically trying to hit the back button, and then, when I realise that won't work, a minute or so breathing into my hands like they're a paper bag, I finally give up. I go ahead and delete the rest; Blogger mocks me by autosaving as soon as it's all gone. I curse Blogger in my heart and vow to always and forever more use TextEdit on my computer to write up my posts first. (Like I am doing now.) Then, and then only, will I transfer them to Blogger to be posted.

Thank-you for listening so sympathetically to my anguished rant. You can go now.


I have personally felt your pain. Now I write in Journler, and then copy and paste into a Word document so the html doesn't get all funky on me, and then paste it into wordpress. It is a taxing endeavour but makes me feel better to not lose anything anymore...only journler is unsupported software and could potentially crash anytime... The joys!
Julia said…
I'm comforted by the fact that I'm not the only one. I suppose these are the kind of things we can only learn by experience... however traumatising they are!!
Been there and done that!
hope you had a good time in the States! --Rose-Marie

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