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IKEA長久手 ー Japanese IKEA

Last Friday was a national holiday (Culture Day), and so some friends and I did a very culturally Japanese thing and went to IKEA! (I hope my humour came across there.)

IKEA is a place I have always loved going to. My mom and I did all the shopping for my university apartment there. We enjoyed one of our last meals together before I came to Japan having Swedish meatballs there. Many hours have I spent crying and sweating and, finally, rejoicing over some piece of IKEA furniture. Many more hours have I spent looking through their magazines, sighing at the beautiful Scandinavian-inspired interiors.

Recently, an IKEA finally opened up in Aichi prefecture. So a couple friends and I went and made a day out of it! Anticipating crowds, we went early and arrived just after opening time. However, we did not expect to see this when we exited the station:

People were lining up to get inside IKEA. Seriously, it felt like Disneyland... except for an emporium of Swedish interior design goods. We e…

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