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Yukata + Kakuozan Matsuri

Last weekend, my husband and I took some friends to the Kakuozan Matsuri, a festival we try to attend each year. Kakuozan is a suburb of Nagoya with delicious cafes, beautiful shops and a Thai temple. The festival is always well attended. A stage hosts performances (including one by our friend's hula students, one of the reasons we go) and booths showcase a variety of trinkets and snacks. Last year we saw everything from dry flowers to a 'make your own plastic dessert' station.

I always wear yukata (the summer version of a kimono) to these festivals. This year, thanks to some kimono lessons I took, I was able to get dressed better and more quickly than before. Husband took some nice pictures at a nearby park before we headed off to the festival.

Unfortunately this time, an incoming typhoon warning cancelled the festival just as we arrived! Yet not all was lost; instead, we got to spend the afternoon in various shops and restaurants along the main pedestrian street. Here …

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