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After living in Japan for 3 years, there aren’t many foods that I haven’t tried. Last week, however, I went out for the first time to a kushikatsu restaurant.
The place my friends and I visited was a chain shop known for their unique kushikatsu options. Kushikatsu is basically pieces of meat or vegetables put on a skewer, coated in breadcrumbs and fried, then dipped in a light sauce and eaten.

If you decide to try this fried delicacy of debatable health impact, there are several rules to keep in mind. ① A kushikatsu skewer gets dipped (or dunked) in the sauce before going on your plate. ② No double dipping. Ever. They use the same container of sauce for all customers, for the entire day. If you want more sauce, the done thing is to use a piece of cabbage (provided free of charge) and scoop more onto your plate. ③ Order a drink. At many places (like ours) they have a one-drink system.
Once you’ve got these in place, it’s time to order! At the restaurant we visited, there were many vegetarian…

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