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Maternity... Yoga? & Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Being a foreign mother-to-be is an exciting, interesting, and sometimes stressful experience. Advice considered standard in your birth country is seen as outrageous to the native population. Or, the opposite - you hear doctors and midwives give you advice that would be laughable if you mentioned it back home! In the months leading up to the birth of our firstborn in Japan, I'll be posting my experiences; simply to help me process them, and also for the information of anyone else who may be about to go through the same!

I chose to give birth, if all goes well, in a little midwife centre in Nagoya. My midwife is practical, professional, and fun. She offers free maternity yoga classes to all patients, so last week I decided to go along. The experience was interesting, to say the least!

The class took place in a tatami room upstairs. The smell of the straw mats and the breeze coming through the open windows were very refreshing. There was only one other attendee, and our "yoga&qu…

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