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To Me, three years ago

Three years ago today, I went on my first date with the man who is now my husband.

This was what is known in some circles as a 'coffee date': a chance to go out one-on-one and find out more about each other, before asking & agreeing to officially start dating.

On this coffee date (which actually ended up being lunch, a walk by the river and coffee), I was both too shy and too cautious to take a photo together. So the above photo is my only memory from that day.

In those early days of courtship, dates, conversations & so much thinking, I remember the questions that constantly bombarded my mind.

Is this going to work?
Are we a good match?
Do I really like him?
Is he the one?

After that date, we entered a year of long-distance. At the time, as I slowly found that the answers to the above questions were becoming yes, I hated being apart. Although Tokyo and Nagoya are only separated by a 6-hour bus journey, with our schedules and commitments, we would only see each other e…

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