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A gift to give a King

Everyone knows I’m a highly emotional person. I cry at movies, books, music, cute babies. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been touched by different things, as they take on a new meaning or make sense in a new way.

This year, for the first time, I cried as I listened to “Little Drummer Boy”.
As I listened to the song, the lyrics hit my heart.
I have no gift to bring That’s fit to give a king Shall I play for you On my drum?
I played my drum for Him I played my best for Him Then He smiled at me Me and my drum.
How often do I feel like the Little Drummer Boy? Insignificant next to the wise men. Unimportant next to the shepherds. I see my own emptiness, my unworthiness. I look down in my hands and see nothing I can give, nothing I could bear to give, that would be worthy of the majesty and splendour of the King before me. I look down and all I see is a drum. Not even a gift. But will I dare to play it before my King? Will I muster the courage to take whatever I have, however small or unworthy it may s…

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