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Chicken, Peer Pressure and Unconditional Love

Last Sunday night, my husband and I went to a new izakaya (Japanese pub) which opened in our area. Their specialty? Chicken! We ordered an appetiser, a tray of juicy fried chicken and finished with ochazuke - rice with various toppings and broth poured over. It was a delicious and casual end to our busy week.

However, what caught my attention more than the food were the pub staff. When we entered and sat down, the waitress who showed us to our table called out, "These two customers are dining with us tonight! Ready..." To which, at the top of their lungs, every other single staff member shouted out, "Welcome to our store!" The sheer volume of it took me by surprise. It stands in sharp contrast to the idea of a high-class French restaurant, quietly and discreetly leading the diners to their table. Looking at the faces of other Japanese customers, I could tell they were surprised, too. Here it is in action:

This is a step up from the usual Japanese "Irasshaimase…

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