Um, can you say cute?!

While we were back in the States this summer, we saw what we called "The Stick Figure Family Car Decal Phenomenon". (Say that five times fast.) On the back windows of tons of cars were these cute white stick figures that represented the owner's family. Example below:

I thought they were adorable. So, in typical internet research fashion, I find the website that does them at And lo and behold, they allow you to customise your sticker:

Um, yeah. That's cute. Only downer is that for a family of our size it would cost over $40 for one; and I'm not quite sure it's worth us not eating for a month. Something to think about though.

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grace said…
Hahahaha. I understand well the toss up between something THAT awesome and eating. : ) But that's MEGA cute.
Anonymous said…
You know what? Go with the sticker, food is so overrated - I'm sure you could live off the 'cute factor'
Julia said…
I've been trying to convince my parents with that exact argument!! ;)

J xo

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