The Case for a Creator

I recently finished this book, after a long time coming. (Long as in a couple months - mostly snagged snippets of bedtime reading.) I originally began reading it because of topics that came up in my RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) class, and I wanted to be able to clearly argue and defend my beliefs about the creation of the world and human beings.

This book definitely accomplished that for me. It argues for the existence of a creator God by examining different fields of science - cosmology, physics, astronomy, biochemistry, biology and psychology. It goes through how modern research in each of these fields points clearly and consistently towards the universe having a Designer. The facts it puts forward are clearly explained, although at times slightly difficult to get one's mind around if one is not scientifically inclined (like me, ha). It is extremely thorough, and is written in "interview" style, with the author interviewing experts about facts and their opinions.

For any Christian who wants to be able to put forward strong, clear arguments against the Big Bang (here meaning that the universe happened randomly, by chance, with no Creator) and evolution (here meaning macro-evolution as put forward by Darwin), this is a great book to do that. You will understand how best to combat these popularly-held ideas, and will also feel your own faith and beliefs strengthened. Although it can be hard-going, it is an enjoyable read, and some of the details it goes into will blow your mind away.


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