Project Room Organisation

In light of my impending move into university accommodation this September, I decided it was time to do some decluttering, straightening, and ultimately getting rid of the junk that I knew filled hidden crevices in my deceivingly perfectly neat room. So, with furniture polish, camera and a banana in hand, I set to work.

After browsing through some organisational posts on one of my favourite blogs of all time, Young House Love, I knew I had to take everything off shelves and out of drawers, get rid of anything I didn't want/need/hadn't touched in over 6 months, and then start organising whatever was left over.

Let me give you a little disclaimer first. I hate, hate throwing stuff away. But at the same time, I hate having a bunch of junk around that I don't need and is just taking up space. So it took some extra willpower to stop swithering over, "Hm, I might need that someday... Yes, that could come in handy... Oh, why don't I just keep that, it won't take up much space..." to just chucking it in the bin (or putting it in the pile to give away). Especially when faced with a scary pile of stuff like this:

But, to make a long story short, after a solid week of straightening, cleaning, and getting rid of junk, I got the product shown in the video below. The pizza post took place in the middle of my first afternoon trying to sort through all the clutter. It took a lot of stress and perseverance, but it's now done. (Please excuse the lack of sound and the low quality - I had to make the best with what I had.)

Woo-hoo for a clean room! Then, yesterday, my mum and I took a day out to visit our friendly neighbourhood Swedish superstore. (Okay, so it's not really "neighbourhood"... the closest Ikea is around forty minutes away.) Nonetheless, we had a smashing time, and picked up some items we'd been needing around the house. (The restraint we exercised was unbelievable. Husbands and fathers everywhere, you would have been proud.) By the end of the day, I was freakishly excited about home decorating, organising and other such matters.

The result of the Ikea shopping expedition - five white magazine files to hold booklets and papers on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf, as can be seen in the above video:

Crazy to think that I've got less than three months before I'll be settling into university accommodation. Be on the lookout for more videos/photos when that time comes!


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