Edinburgh Zoo & The Filling Station

Yesterday was a "day out" for my friend Charlotte's birthday. She wanted a fun day doing touristy things, so we hit Edinburgh Zoo in the morning and Mary King's Close in the afternoon. First, a couple photos from the zoo:

A beautiful blue bird that absolutely loved posing for us.

You could buy small pots of nectar to feed these birds, and they would gladly come and perch on your hand as they lapped the food up. Two actually had a fight on my arm over the nectar, screeching loudly at each other until one gave in and flew away.

For lunch, we went to a pub on the High Street called The Filling Station. It was decorated with car parts and license plates, and had a very American feel to it. The menu consisted of fare such as burgers, pasta, pizza and Mexican food.

My starter was "Santa Fe spring rolls" - they were served with a sweet chili sauce and were very good.

For my main, I decided on a cheeseburger. (I get to splurge one in a while, right?) I can honestly say that this is one of the best cheeseburgers I've had. The meat was moist and enough to last the whole bun, it came with plenty of fillings and mayonnaise, and was very satisfying. Cole slaw and fries came on the side.

I have to say that the restaurant's service was a bit slow, but we let them off since it looked like there were only 3 waiters, and the place was teeming with both locals and tourists. The food was worth the wait. I also discovered that I don't like Budweiser - I managed half the glass, but can cross that off my list of alcoholic beverages!

Overall, it was a great day, and to top it off I discovered a tasty new restaurant which I highly recommend.

The Filling Station
233-241 High Street
T: 0131 226 2488


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