Have a Shot

For prom, we all got these inscribed shot glasses as party favours. Creative and oh-so-cute, but sadly underused.

So what do I brilliantly decide to use it as?

That's right. It is the perfect size to store all my makeup brushes. (Which are made by EcoTools by the way, and I love them.) The idea hit me as I was passing it by one day, and I can say that I've never looked back. Cute, functional and gives satisfaction to my soul. (Sounds a bit like the perfect man actually...)

Oh, and as a side note, I learned an important photography lesson today. My mistake forced me to retake my photos, resulting in the ones you see above. And it was this: always clean glass before you take a photo. Always, always, always. Did I say that enough? The camera picks up every little speck of dust and dirt that your eye misses. So unless you enjoy gasping when you see the blown-up photos on your computer, running to your camera for retakes, and ultimately wasting time... clean any and all glass before subjecting it to the scrutiny of your lens. Most of you probably already know this rule and are shaking your head at me - but for those of you who don't, please pay due heed. Don't learn from experience like I did.


Rory said…
You see your perfect man as functional? Interesting, I'll admit.
Julia said…
Haha, okay, so maybe "useful" would have been a better word. :)

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