Ricotta Mouse with Chocolate and Strawberries: Take One

I found this recipe the other day on Lucullian Delights, a blog I follow, and had to try it. It's so simple, yet sounds (and looks!) so delicious as well. (Please check out her post for the original recipe and much better photos!)

The recipe's so straightforward it speaks for itself - so I'll just dive right into my experience making it. Everything was going perfectly until I got to whipping the cream. As the recipe doesn't specify what type of cream to get, I guessed and got single cream. Well, I guessed wrong. After at least 5 minutes of high speed whipping - at which point most cream would have turned into a buttery-like substance - it was still really runny. Hm, thinks I, maybe I should have gotten whipping cream. Or double cream. (If anyone can explain to me the intricate differences between each type of cream, I will be forever indebted to you.)

But, other than the pudding having a... soup-like texture rather than being a mousse, it was great. Taste was spot-on, the girls all loved it, and I will definitely be trying it again with the right ingredients. (Thus the "Take One" in the title. ;)


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