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  KAT-TUN's 7th single, DON'T YOU EVER STOP, was released this past Wednesday. This morning, I checked out the music video - not to worry, Japanese music videos are in general much more clean and innocent than their western counterparts - and I have to say that I was slightly disappointed with the dancing. Good song (except for one line by Bakanishi to make the fangirls scream even louder than they already are), but the whole dance was just a bit static... and at times it looked like they weren't very well synchronized. Out of their whole dance, there was one move that I really liked - but that was it.
  However, the video in itself was fine - a bit odd, perhaps, but not bad. It featured the members of KAT-TUN in some place with a lot of people, not really a club, and there were lots of glass balls and glowing lights. Slightly... different. Can be found here - embedding has been disabled - and I don't know how long it'll be up; knowing Johnny's, they'll probably find it and have it taken down for copyright reasons. Blech.

  Next... another drama review!! This one is called 「有閑倶楽部」- "Yuukan Club".
From L to R: Yuri, Karen, Noriko, Miroku, Seishiro, Bido.

  This one centers around 6 students (and the members of the student council) who form a club called the "Yukan Club" - or Leisure Club - and solve mysteries to spend money and pass the time. (They are all from very rich families.) Their motto is: "Turning impossibilities into possibilities is what Yukan Club is all about." The members (and who they're played by) are:
  • Shochikubai Miroku (Akanishi Jin, KAT-TUN), whose father is the Police Commissioner and whose mother is a traveller (and is thus never at home). He is good at fighting, has a lot of connections, and loves his motorcycle and his dog Otokoyama.
  • Hakushika Noriko (Kashii Yu), whose father is a famous Japanese painter and whose mother is from a traditional tea ceremony family. She utterly despises men - when they touch her, she can become unnaturally violent.
  • Kikumasamune Seishiro (Yokoyama Yu, Kanjani8), the son of a wealthy hospital. He is very smart, a well-rounded high school student, and an amazing martial arts fighter.
  • Kizukura Karen (Suzuki Emi), whose mother is a rich jewel dealer. Her aspiration is to win a rich husband with her attractiveness and style.
  • Bido Granmanie (Taguchi Junnosuke, KAT-TUN), the son of the Swedish ambassador. He is a horse racer and a big-time playboy.
  • Kenbishi Yuri (Minami), whose father is the president of the world-famous Kenbishi company. Her pastime is eating, she's very athletic, and is also a good fighter.
  (What the characters are known by is in bold.)
  Now, review. Basically, in this drama, each episode is a different mystery, and so is pretty much unrelated to any of the others. This is nice because you can skip around or miss some out. Also, all the mysteries were very different from each other, so there was a very nice variety. The characters were well-made - except for maybe being a bit stereotypical - but throughout the drama you get to see into and understand each of the members of the Yukan Club. It is a comedy, and was very humorous, although there was quite a lot of suspense and action as well, which I liked. And besides, there's good-looking boys, which makes it even better. (Note how all the male main characters were from Johnny's groups.) Jin gave a very good performance, and raised himself (if ever so slightly) in my estimation.
  So, there you have it! There are 10 episodes, with the first and last being slightly longer than the standard 45 minutes. I was able to finish it in 2 days - if you need to know where to get it, contact me. ^^ It is very good, and I recommend you watch it. If you're in the middle of something such as Last Friends, I recommend you stagger those episodes with some from a drama like this one to help lighten the atmosphere, as Last Friends is quite heavy.



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