The Life of Julia: Episode 6 + ラスト・フレンズ

  Quick update on current events.
  I got my hair cut last Thursday - it is now much shorter; just above shoulder length. I took a couple pictures of Horikita Maki in and was like, "Cut it like this please." I got it chemically straightened, too - otherwise my hair would be a tee-pee right now. Fun. But it turned out well, and I am very pleased. It's so much easier to take care of than before, when my hair was half-way down my back.

  And then today, I got on MySpace for the first time in like 3 months. I had a bunch of unanswered comments and messages, so just finished with those. I think I'm gonna tell all those guys that the best way to connect with me is here...

  Finally, Last Friends. Yes, I started watching it - online. I watched episodes 1-4 yesterday, and finished 5 this morning. And I must say, this drama is brilliantly done. The acting is incredible, the characters are so complex and have such depth to them, and there is suspense in every episode which makes you want to see more. The next one comes out tomorrow in Japan, so they should have it up and subbed by Sunday. I'm not going to review it until I finish though, as I usually do with J-dramas. But watch it if you can, if not for anything other than seeing Ryo (錦戸亮 - from NEWS). He's lovely in it - but so sad! (Don't ask, just watch.)



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