The Life of Julia: Episode 7

  So I have now finished the last drama and math courses that I will ever have to do in my life. Can anyone spell the word happy?

  Quick drama updates: I've finished (with subtitles!) Episode 3 of Gokusen 3, and Episode 6 of Last Friends. Now I'm just waiting for Episode 5 of Zettai Kareshi. I'm also going to watch Battle Royale today, so I'll review that once I finish it.

  As regards Japanese, I think I'm progressing steadily but surely. I've noticed that when watching dramas, I unconsciously link what I hear with what I see in the subtitles, which helps me be able to recognize more vocab. Also, I've found that if I pause right after a sentence has just been said and think about what actually was in the sentence, a lot of times I'll be able to work it out. I guess one of the main problems encountered when learning a foreign language is learning to cope with the speed that the language is naturally spoken at.

  Well, for once there's not that much to report on... so good day to you all.



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