Bentos + The Life of Julia: Episode 5

  I believe I have finally mastered the art of tamago yaki and onigiri... to an extent.

  First-off, the tamago yaki. I've got the rolling technique down hard, and my concoction of ingredients usually turns out pretty swell; now I just need to figure out how to get that lovely yellow color instead of the white/brown one that I end up with most of the time. Anri-senpaaaiii...

  Then, onigiri. The trick is to use enough water to make it sticky, but not so much as to make it not sticky/water running out of it. I believe I have now got the ratio correct: using the rice cup measurer, you fill up to the "1.0" line with rice, and then for the water you measure up to about 1.4 (after you've dumped the rice into the cooker, of course). Rinse the rice and let it drain for 30 minutes before you put it in; and once it's done cooking, I think you're supposed to leave it for 10 minutes with the cooker switched off. (Oops... forgot to do that tonight. I'll try it next time.) Once the rice is cooked and has sat, let it cool in a bowl for a few minutes before you start working with it. Remember to get your hands SOAKING wet.

  One more thing to add to my bento extravaganza - I now have an authentic, traditional Japanese bento box!! Courtesy of Anri as a present for my birthday... ありがとうございました!本当にうれしいよ!
  It's absolutely gorgeous, with red lacquer outside and black inside. It's two tiers, with the top tier having a little plastic lid. It came with a black elastic band to hold it together in transit and a purple handkerchief (once again authentically Japanese) to tie it all together with. It also came with matching wickerwork chopsticks in a case. All to say, I am a very happy bunny. ^^ However, my camera cord is as of yet still being elusive as to its whereabouts... so unfortunately I am currently without the capability of brightening your day with pictures.
  Something to get used to with this bento box is its size. Its not tiny, but rather small - the perfect size for the amount of food that I would eat for lunch though. The only thing is, when cooking one cup of rice, if you make two onigiri out of it, they don't fit in the bottom (the biggest) tier. (I found this out the hard way.) Therefore, next time, I shall attempt to make three mini onigiri. Yay! かわいいでしょうね…

  Different topic. I sat my French exam today - so glad to be done with it; I was kind of nervous. (Don't ask why.) I am taking this next year, but it's still a relief to be done with Standard Grade. Now I just have Higher to look forward to... woo-hoo.
  My next exam is next Tuesday, so I've got a whole week freeee!! I will most likely be listening to music, working on Japanese, and of course studying. I really want to watch a couple of dramas, namely Yukan Club and Last Friends, but that's a no for now unless I can find them streaming on the internet... my computer's memory space is almost full. ^^; That's what you get for downloading too many J-dramas. I even had to move some of my junk to the family computer, thus clogging up its hard drive as well. I need to get an external hard drive - and soon.

  Oo, sounds like it's dinner time. Let's see what's cooking tonight...



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