The Life of Julia: Episode 4

  As of yesterday, I am done with Ancient Greek FOREVER!! After two years of work and four excruciating exam papers in the space of six hours, I will never have to look at another Greek translation or interpretation again. No exams on Monday, thank goodness - but sadly I have an English exam on Tuesday. それは私の誕生日だよ! Annoying, ne...

  Aside from that, my collection of Japanese pop/other music is growing steadily... and quickly. I now have a few new favorite songs - 「喜びの歌」 (Yorokobi no Uta) by KAT-TUN, 「way of life」 by V6, and 「星をめざして」 by NEWS. (Not too hard to tell who all I listen to, eh?) Arashi's debut single 「A・RA・SHI」 is also growing on me at a very fast rate. All to say that if there are any songs you particularly want, I am likely to have them. ^^

  Oh, and as a side note - I am very close to getting my Japanese language site up and running. Basically, I won't be writing my own lessons, but providing links to the places where I found the ones that I used to learn 日本語. Though if there's anything someone doesn't understand, I'll be happy to offer them "private tutoring lessons" or w/e. I've already got a few people who've told me they'd using something like that (the website), and hopefully I'll be able to spread the word around.

  じゃ、それだけ。Wishes for good health and safety to all,


Note: I have now finally figured out how to make my posts justified, yet still have the spaced-out line height, thanks to searching through the html codes for the site. You want to know how, comment and I just might tell you. (^_^)v


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