Restaurant Review: wagamama (once again...)

  Whew, last review. This past week, Moriah and I went to wagamama's for lunch, courtesy of the Kelly's. Though I've reviewed it before, I'm going to outline more dishes, and give more insight into my feelings regarding the restaurant.

  First, we ordered an appetizer. We got fried chicken gyoza, a Japanese dumpling dish influenced by Chinese cuisine. I have a couple of recipes for gyoza in my cookbooks, and it always looked delicious... but we'd never got around to making it. Thus, we leapt at the oppurtunity to try it. And let me tell you now... it was so good. I know I say that a lot, but I really do mean it. I loved them.

  I ordered the wagamama ramen, which was reviewed in my previous post. Moriah ordered the cha han, which was stir-fried rice with egg, chicken, prawns, and various vegetables. Quite tasty. It came with miso shiru and a little plate of pickles... how cute!

  Now, onto my revised review. I really like the set-up and general vibe at wagamama's - it's casual, laid-back, yet truly welcoming. The service is also generally friendly, and quite prompt. The food, however... while good, it lacks a certain distinctness of taste that makes a restaurant's food truly superb. Also, much of the food is not authentically Japanese - it is based on Japanese principles, yet with the restaurant's own twists.

  If you're looking for a casual place to eat with some not so adventuresome friends, wagamama's is great. Definitely try the gyoza. However, if you want somewhere more authentically Japanese with amazing food, I would suggest one of the other Japanese restaurants in Edinburgh.

The Elements Shopping Centre
Livingston, UK
EH54 6GS
Tel: 01506 442 015


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