Studying... yes, I actually did it!

  Don't you just love when you write out a beautiful, 8-mark essay on the disagreements in Ireland from 1900-1923, only to realise that you answered the question wrong?

  I hate source questions.

  Anyways, yes, I actually have been studying! After that motivational rant the other day, I was pretty much ready to tackle anything. Yesterday was probably one of the most productive days of my entire school career - well, maybe. Today has been less than great, mainly because I didn't leave my computer off like I should have. I was slightly distracted, to say the least.

  The only thing I hate about most of the work I've been doing is that it's homework, not studying. The teachers may think they're helping me by giving me all this extra homework for spring break, but they're really not. I know what I need to study, and having to do tons of homework isn't really leaving much time for learning the stuff I need to.

  I study best by making notes about everything. Then, I'll type them up and print them, and go over all the important bits with a highlighter. Doing past papers and writing a million essays will not help me - it will just make me dread the final exam even more. If I can memorise all the information, it will flow while I'm taking the test.

Nonetheless, がんばります!


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