Restaurant Review: Tang's

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  Next restaurant review coming right up. Yesterday, to celebrate Anri's birthday, we (Moriah, Anri, Chihiro and I) went to a Japanese restaurant in Edinburgh called Tang's. It was simple yet attractive inside - and silly me forgot to take pictures of the interior, so concentrated on the food that I was. Oh well, that's better than vice versa, isn't it?

  We were seated at a table for four by the waitress (who was actually Japanese), and were given some time to peruse out menus. She took our drink orders pretty quickly, and then not too long after came for our food orders. It got pretty busy around lunch, so the service slowed down slightly, but she was nice enough.
  Moriah ordered katsu curry, which was chicken in crispy breadcrumbs (you could also get pork) served with steamed rice. It was absolutely amazing. I must say, it was quite a bit better than wagamama's katsu curry... more authentically Japanese, I think.

  Anri ordered the 'Ichiban Bento', which came with teriyaki chicken (good!), steamed rice, mixed salad, california makizushi and cucumber makizushi. It was served with miso soup.

  Chihiro and I ordered a makizushi and sashimi set, which I think was part of their lunch menu. It came with 3 cucumber makizushi, 3 salmon makizushi, 3 spicy tuna makizushi (house specialty?), 2 tuna and 2 salmon sashimi. It was complete with a pile of finely grated daikon, gari, and wasabi. Although good, the set wasn't the best sushi that I've ever had. The makizushi seemed a bit tasteless - maybe to do with the way they prepared the rice. The spicy tuna makizushi was quite good though. The tuna sashimi seemed slightly limp - as I'm not a sashimi connoisseur, I don't know if that's just an attribute of the fish. My favorite from this platter was the salmon sashimi - boy, was that good. It was nicely firm, and a pretty marbled pink. Thought a bit more marbling (e.g. more fat) would have made the taste even better, it was still delicious.

Now, restaurant rating time:

  Overall, it was nice. I would recommend the katsu curry or a bento box, because those were both very good. I have to say I liked Sushiya's sushi and sashimi better. There's one other restaurant in Edinburgh that I want to try for their sushi - I'll make a final judgment after that.

Tang's Japanese Restaurant
44 Candlemaker Row
Edinburgh, UK
Tel: 0131 220 5000


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