Like birds leaving the nest

  So, this was going to be a post about the cream puffs I made on Saturday... but then I got slightly caught up in adding sentences into my SRS. Thus, my sweets post will have to be saved for another day - and this one will contain some of my infamous contemplative insights.

  Life lately has been speeding by so quickly. Especially when at school (funnily enough), the days seem to disappear like vapor before my eyes. In a bit more than a week, I will be 17. In about half a month, I begin my Higher exams - upon which my ability to enter university depends. In slightly more than a month, I start 6th year. (For all you Americans, that'd be 12th grade.)
  The other day, it dawned on me that I will (most likely) be leaving home and starting university in a bit more than a year. That is when I will view myself as less of a kid, and more like an independent adult. Although I'm excited about this new chapter that is unfolding in my life, I ask myself - where did all the time go? Sometimes I pause, relishing the little time I have left as a young girl under my parents' roof, not having to worry about buying my own food or paying bills.
  I suppose that in my mind, once I leave home, life starts. The past 17 years have been the foundation being laid in my life, and now it's time to begin constructing the house. Yes, that analogy doesn't completely apply, because I will still be learning and maturing no matter what stage of life I'm in. But once I leave home, it will be time to begin fending for myself. It's when I truly enter the game of life.

  It's frightening, to state it bluntly. Half of my mind is dying to get out and live my own life - but the other half holds back, timidly questioning whether or not I'm ready. To have been sheltered and brought up in a loving family, and then to suddenly dive out into the real world - it's a frightening prospect. But it is essential for growth and development as human beings, and only by stepping out will I begin to move into the purpose God has for me.

  Thus, off to do bedtime prep, I close.


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