Restaurant Review: Frankie & Benny's

  About 2 months ago (you finally see just how behind I am in blogging?), the fam went out to Frankie & Benny's for lunch. A popular chain in the UK, it serves delicious American Italian food. We go irregularly, but I'd never reviewed it until now... so here goes.

  The restaurant is nicely decorated inside with warm colours and plenty of plants. A key feature is learning Italian in the bathrooms, where vocab is broadcast over the radios.Anyways, the food is very good, though slightly on the expensive side. The portions are quite big as well, so depending on how hungry you are, you could share.

  Moriah got the Meatballs on Spaghetti. I have a passion for meatballs, and these were gorgeous. A tad spicy, and just the right texture. Mmmm.

  I ordered the Chicken Parmigana - another of my favorite foods. While good, they cooked the chicken slightly too long, as the breadcrumb coating was a bit burnt and the chicken dry. They also didn't put quite enough sauce on top as I would have liked, making it not moist enough. However, it was still good. I've had it at another chain location before, and it was better... so must have been a bad day for the chef.

  And to finish off with, Moriah and I ordered The Godfather - warm chocolate brownies, red berries, cream, and chocolate sauce, with vanilla ice cream. It was HUGE, but sooo good.

  We ate it all, too.

  All in all, Frankie & Benny's is a good place to eat, and is very family friendly.

  Their pasta is amazing, and their sandwiches are good as well... my recommendations.

Frankie & Benny's
Omni Centre
Edinburgh, UK
Tel: 0131 557 2077


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