The other week, Moriah, Anri and I decided to have a go at the new noodle bar that's opened up in the Centre in Livingston - wagamama.

  The restaurant interior was very nice: long wooden tables set with place mats, silverware, and chopsticks. The waiter came to get our orders not too soon after. We were all very pleased that green tea came free with the meal. So, we ordered green tea, and each of us got something different off the menu. Moriah ordered the wagamama ramen, Anri ordered chicken katsu curry, and I ordered miso shiru(みそスープじゃなくて!)and yakisoba.

  I have to say, out of all of them, I liked Anri's the best. It was delicious. Next time, that's what I'm getting.

  All in all, the restaurant was quite good. Not everything was authentic Japanese food, but hey, what do you expect. It was a bit on the pricey side, but if you're a Japan lover and not worried about money, it's a definite go. No sushi though - mostly ramen, teppan dishes, curry, and some kind of coconut noodle dish selection that we were sure wasn't even slightly Japanese... anyone heard of kare noodles before?


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