Oh time, where art thou?

  It is not an easy task simultaneously having a full-time job and three other part-time jobs. Anyone in their right mind would agree.
  Okay, so technically they're not REAL jobs. But I still wonder how on earth I manage being a full-time student along with being a part-time writer, learner of Japanese, and web designer. You think I try to fit all these in one day? HA... no. For example, two days ago, I devoted my afternoon (after coming home from school) to doing Japanese. Yesterday, it was writing. And today it was some web templates.
  The only downside of this ridiculously insane multi-tasking is that homework (also known as the fiendish beast that accompanies my full-time job) has been slipping. I find myself waking up at 5:30am so that I can work in my French homework, History questions, and English essay before going off to school. Thank goodness it hasn't been any earlier than that... yet. And of course, this is all with going to bed at around 11:30ish most nights.

  All to say, it seems as if I have no time whatsoever for anything. I feel like an office worker with so many tasks to complete in the one day it blows my brains out, and as a result I have lost all hope of ever recovering my sanity again. And they wonder why I'm looking forward to uni so much...


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