This will be a rather long post, since I'm catching up on almost two months of being a slacker. Be prepared for a photo spam - or, just for the page to take forever to load. If that's the case, join the modern world and get a higher bandwidth. (Just kidding.)

First off, a sad report for all you fellow plant lovers. Matilda, my beloved bamboo shoot who sits on my desk, has started turning yellow. I don't know what this means, but judging by the black spots that have appeared near her roots it can't be good. I earnestly hope she doesn't die. But, worst case scenario... it's just an excuse for a trip back to Ikea to get another one.

Next up: 桜餅 (sakura mochi). A Japanese sweet that consists of sticky white rice (often coloured pink) with sweet red bean paste in the middle, and a cherry blossom leaf wrapped round with a pickled cherry blossom for garnish. (They really do eat everything in Japan.) I had it for the first time a couple weeks ago at Anri's house, and found it a surprisingly tasty blend of sweet and salty. To be blunt, it was delicious.

Continuing the Japanese theme, a bento that I took to school a couple weeks ago. Inside is a furikake onigiri, a Quorn sausage (that's buried under all the fresh produce), a cheese stick, and various bits of raw broccoli, cucumber, and strawberries. It looked pretty, had great nutritional value, and I needed an excuse to take some pictures.

On another note, I am proud to say that I have actually been studying. Exams are looming up in a little over a week, and I have noticed myself getting rather stressed out (as I do every year). But preparation is well under way, and all my dissertations and folios have been submitted as well, which is a huge load off my back. I think the thought of getting bad results through the door in August is what's motivating me to press on. That, and the thought that I only have to endure one more month of this.

Finally, a few photos from a pretty town where my family attended a ceilidh last night. Named Haddington, it's situated in East Lothian... somewhere. (I'm too lazy to go look it up on Google Maps right now.) It reminded Moriah and I slightly of the town where we stayed in France last summer. It was quaint, clean, and had that overall "nice town" sort of feel.

That pretty much sums up the past month. We'll see how consistent I can be in May... :)


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