A Day Out

So, after my Advanced Higher English exam today, some friends and I were ready to go out and do what girls do best: shopping. I had one item on my shopping list, and acquired one more in the process. (Aren't you proud of my self-control?) For lack of having anything else exciting to post... I'll rave about these two things in my first ever product review. Don't you feel privileged. ;)

Oh, and please ignore the lack of artistic beauty in these photos - it's a product review, not an exhibition of photographic skill.

Now, onto the reviews. For those of you who know me at all, you will be aware of my love for old things, or even anything with an appearance of being old. So, when I saw the notebook below, I had to get it. (I needed a new one anyway.) It's by Paperblanks, and this particular one is the "Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More Ultra Wrap" (available for sale here at WhSmith). Being the foolish person I can be, I bought it at Waterstone's for £14.00, without researching whether it could be bought cheaper elsewhere. (To be fair, the original price at WHSmith was more than that, but it's on sale right now!! *sigh* Could've saved almost £5...)

Anyways, enough with my pity story, and onto the notebook itself:

It's beautifully embellished, looks old enough to make your heart swell every time you set eyes on it, and overall is just plain gorgeous, in my personal opinion. :) I can't wait to start writing in it... I think I'm going to use it for a combination of Bible study / sermon notes once my current one's used up. But we'll see.

Next product I found at Peacocks. My friends were wandering through looking for clothes, when I suddenly spotted this bag. I'd been wanting an across-the-body, messenger/satchel-type bag, in that nice leathery-brown colour, and voila! I had spotted one at Topshop earlier, but it felt like it would be at least £50... and the price tag was cut off. (Always a bad sign.) This one, my friends, was £12.00. I know a bargain when I see one. And so, without further to do, I brought this beauty home with me:

Whoever designed this bag must have done so with me in mind. It has more pockets than... er... most bags I have seen, and so everything is perfectly in its place. If it falls apart within the next four weeks, I can return it and get my money back (as their return policy states on their website). But I'm hoping for lots of wear and many happy days with this darling! :)

And that concludes my first product review, folks. Might get round to a few more at some point... or a book review! I've got about five I'm reading at the moment, as per usual, haha.


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