A Yorkie...

... is not what I expected it to be.

  I'm the kind of person who, if something is forbidden, I have to try it just once. (This does NOT include things which could damage my health - e.g. alcohol, tobacco, drugs - or things which are illegal - e.g. stealing, murder. It does however include things like candy bars which explicitly say on them: "It's not for girls!".)
  At Haymarket, the train station I commute into and out of every weekday, there is a small café on my platform called "The Pumpkin". Here, they sell nice things such as sandwiches, hot drinks, pastries, and candy bars. They also sell Yorkies.
  On my way to Haymarket after school today, I suddenly got a huge craving for a Yorkie. Don't ask me how it popped into my mind, but my thought train was probably something like this: Hungry. Food. The Pumpkin. Chocolate bars. Yorkie. "It's not for girls". Got to have it.
  Somehow I got this wild idea that it was a chocolate bar with an inside of gelatin-like creamy sugary strawberry stuff or something - and then that was it. I got to Haymarket, went to Platform 4, stepped inside The Pumpkin, picked up a Yorkie, bought it, went to one of the seats on the platform, opened the bar, and took a bite.  
  I was extremely disappointed.
  Someone could have told me it was just a plain milk chocolate bar! Okay, so I should have looked on the bottom of the wrapper to see in small print above the ingredients list, "Chunky milk chocolate". But still. Anyways, I ate it, and although it was good, I felt pretty cheated out of my 60p. Seriously.

  I think I'm going to start a new series soon... I'll entitle it "The Life of Julia: Episode X". That way you'll be able to distinguish between my life posts, my drama reviews, my Japan research, and anything else I do.



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