A term which has been watered down and diluted to a mere practicing of religious rituals, involving no relationship with the living God. It makes me unbelievably angry, yet at the same time so sad I could cry all night long.
  The university that I want to apply to for my exchange year during my Japanese course is the International Christian University in Mitaka, Tokyo. Reading through their website, I had been led to believe that they had strong Christian values and principles.
  While I'm still sure that they do, reading the blog of an American doing an exchange year there has somewhat shaken my belief in that. This student talked about smoking and getting drunk, all going on in the dormitories on the university campus. Now, I understand that just because someone goes to a Christian university doesn't mean that they're Christian, but I am shocked that all of the students do things like this. Don't they teach the students at all how Christians are supposed to live in the world, yet not be apart of it? And yet looking at these university students, there is nothing that would tell you they are any different from the rest of the world.

  Please understand that I'm not ranting or shouting. I'm just incredibly hurt and feel this enormous pain inside. Maybe this is one of the reasons that I'm contemplating teaching at the high school attached to the university - to help bring these teenagers up in a way which honors God and teach them what it really means to be a "Christian". I feel such deep heartache for these precious people.
  If it's Your will for me, let it be done.


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