The Life of Julia: Episode 2

  Being a student can be extremely stressful, especially when exams are involved in the equation. Nine of them, to be exact. Because this week, I have a plethora of tests and rounding-off-unit pieces of work to turn in. The only thought of consolation is that I have just a week and a half left to go... in the meantime though I have two Latin and one Classics NAB to complete, one translation each for Greek and Latin to do, and a reading comprehension for French to hand in. Joy... I haven't even started on any of them. (Yet.)

  The idea of one day living by oneself and supporting oneself by one's own means can be quite intimidating, ne? The idea of one day having to earn a salary, pay bills, have a bank account, drive, shop by oneself, and all the rest of it is slightly daunting to say the least. This is where parents come in handy - what else are they for other than to teach you how to live in the world. (Pretty big job, huh.)

  Today was one of those days where I was really quite glad God's in complete control of my life. If He wasn't, I'd probably flip with all these thoughts of what my purpose is on the planet and Japan and my future life. But instead, I was able to take deep breaths and let it all go. Although I would love to work and live and teach in Japan, I know that God knows best and He'll take care of it all; at the same time, I believe that He's the one who's given me such a passion for this nation. "And I will not stop until every tribe and nation bows before You, Lord."

  That deep theological insight over, I've been contemplating setting up a site with information about Japan's culture and also the language. An idea in the works, but I think I'd enjoy doing it, and hopefully it would help people. I'll see what happens with that though.

  Now to do my Latin translation. interea T. Roscius, vir optimus, procurator Chrysogoni, Ameriam venit. I wish that we just had to summarize what went on in the passage instead of translating every sentence word for word - it would save both time and effort, seeing as I can usually get the gist of what's going on without having to look at the vocab sheet. Latin, my friends, is an interesting language to study. Only one more year of it though, and I'll be done forever. Muahaha.



モライア said…
叱り尾根ちゃん! (^ ^) Hope the Japanese is right...prob. isn't (T T)

Exams will be over soon...and get yur rest!! Which means don't blog so much!

- モモ

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