The Life of Julia: Episode 1

  This morning, I once again tried a new dish from Japanese "cuisine" - if you could call it that - known as 卵かけご飯, tamago kake gohan, roughly translated to "egg sauce over rice".

  Basically, you take a raw egg, mix it with some soy sauce, and pour it onto a bowl of rice (either cold, reheated, or just made). I know, I know, I can hear you saying, "RAW egg?! What on earth were you thinking?!" But in actual fact, when you cook eggs you destroy many of the natural vitamins found in it when raw. And here's some facts to set your minds at ease:
・Only about 1 in every 30,000 eggs might be infected with salmonella.
・The effects of food poisoning from salmonella are more likely to hit children, the elderly, and anyone with a disease which impairs the immune system. I am in none of those three groups.
・The risk of an infection in raw or undercooked eggs is partly dependent upon the sanitary conditions in which the hens are kept - we get free-range eggs.
・The problem of infected eggs is apparently not as prevalent as it once was.
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  So as you can see, it's (nearly) perfectly safe. And besides, I believe God wouldn't let me get infected with salmonella unless there was a good reason.

  Onto actually discussing the food. Yes, it was rice mixed with raw egg and some soy sauce. But in actual fact, it was really quite good! I've found that most new foods take a few times trying to get used to them, and so if I liked this one the first time then I'm bound to fall in love with it eventually. Apparently people in Japan eat it for breakfast mainly. And it wasn't nearly as bad as some other... food... that I've eaten. *cough*EEL*cough*.
  Well, I think that ends today's episode. Who knows though, I might post a Part 2 a little later on...



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