The Snow (Finally)

In keeping with last winter's snow post, I had to do another one this year of all the snow we've gotten recently. It came not long after Thanksgiving, and has lingered, accumulated and freak blizzard-ed ever since. Recently, we have had a few days of mostly blue skies - bringing with it a rare sighting of the winter sun and no frozen precipitation - which allowed me to run out yesterday and snap some photos of the frozen wasteland Narnia-esque winter wonderland that Bathgate has become.

I used a trick from the Pioneer Woman on these photos; basically, adding a hard light filter to them in Photoshop, then going on to do all the usual adjustments on exposure, curves, vibrancy etc. It worked beautifully and really brought out the contrast of the trees and other natural fixtures against the white of the snow.

These were all taken while walking my faithful canine companion, Jack. Seeing as I probably won't be around to give him walks for another few months... I thought he would want an outing with me. I'm his favourite Jackson girl after all.

This photo is the background on my laptop at the moment.

I love my dog.

Despite his many oddities. And believe you me - there are many.


mark Kelly said…
have you started shooting in raw yet?
Julia said…
Indeed I have... these were all in raw. Haven't discovered everything I can do with them yet!

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