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So, after that prolonged absence (I'm trying to make these posts a weekly occurrence), there are three topics for today: professional photography, snow, and Code Blue.

We'll start with the snow.

For the past six weeks, there has been about a foot of snow on the ground. I went out with some of my friends to get pictures of it last week. Lemme tell ya, it was cold. Here's some of the shots I got:

But thank goodness, it's melting now! A nice front of torrential rain swept through today, getting rid of most of the whiteness that has plagued the ground. I have never been so thankful for rain before.

(A side note: Most of you, when reading this, will probably surmise that I destest snow with the utmost part of my being. This is untrue. I love snow - watching it fall while sitting near the fire with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands is an ideal scenario. But after several weeks of freezing cold temperatures, slipping on ice, and being late to everything because my mum's car can't get out of the drive... I'm ready for it to be gone.)

Moving on to our next topic. The other week I had my first professional-style photo shoot with a family friend who happens to be an amazing photographer. (For more info and contact details, see his website.) My sister cooked food for us and his wife, and I then proceeded to take the following photos, using my camera, his lens, his tripod, his flash and flash deflector thing, and going entirely by his instruction and some degree of artistic sense from myself.

Apart from the food being amazing, the pictures turned out quite well I thought. Then, he took them away and made them even better. Here are two of the shots after he Photoshopped them:

This totally inspired me to become a better and slightly more serious photographer. So, if all goes well, you will be seeing many more shots of this standard in the future.

Thirdly, I just found out today from another blog... a second season of Code Blue is airing.

Am I happy? You bet I'm happy. (To see my previous post regarding Season 1, go here.) But even better, that's not all. Second seasons of Bloody Monday and another drama called Liar Game will also be airing.

Guess what I'll be doing once prelims are over?


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