And more drama reviews...

  Firstly, I apologize... I hadn't realized just how long I'd been off for. ごめんなさい!Secondly, I'm going to use this post to update about where I am with a few dramas and movies. So far, I have watched 21 dramas, 11 movies, and 2 drama specials. I am in the middle of watching 3 dramas, two of which I am going to review/post about here.

「コード・ブルー」  Code Blue is a drama which is currently airing. It stars Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika, among others. It follows four trainee doctors as they work at a hospital. The hospital uses a helicopter, known as "Doctor Heli", for emergency situations where it would be otherwise impossible to reach the patient in time. The drama details the different cases the trainees receive, their development as doctors, and their dream to be a permanent flight doctor.
  It is a very well done drama, with some beautiful piano background music (sorry, had to mention it!). Yamapi acts extremely well as always, and looks quite dashing as a doctor. It is quite gripping, as the doctors rush to save people's lives and deal with dangerous circumstances. Just be warned: it is a drama about doctors. Make sure you can handle programs like CSI or Grey's Anatomy before watching this!

「魔王」  Maou is also a currently airing drama. It stars Ohno Satoshi (Arashi) and Ikuta Toma (Johnny's Jr). It is about a two-faced lawyer Naruse Ryo (Ohno) who, on the one hand, is a kind person who works as hard as he can for his clients - he is given the nickname "the angel lawyer". However, in reality he is a vicious mastermind who is set on avenging his dead brother. Ikuta plays the part of a delinquent turned detective, Serizawa Naoto, who uses bizarre and unorthodox methods to do his job. The drama follows Serizawa as he attempts to find out who is behind a series of murders, finding himself fighting against a "maou" - devil king.
  This series is brilliant, is all I have to say. The characters are complex and extremely well-developed, especially that of Naruse. Although the viewers know who is behind the murders, it is still a tense and chilling ride as we watch Serizawa trying desperately to stop all of the deaths around him. You like suspense? Watch this. (And if not, then for Ikuta Toma's new haircut. ^^)


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