The Diet Diary

  So, on Yahoo! Japan, I recently found something called the "Diet Diary". It's a program thing (in Japanese) that supposedly helps you keep track of your food and calories etc., motivating you to lose weight. I was slightly curious, and so have signed up... just to see if it really does help. ^^
  The registration process is kinda long; you have to create a username etc., then fill out details (like your current weight and how much you want to lose), and then complete a short questionnaire which asks things like "is your skin rough" and "when you don't have an appetite, do you not eat" etc. It's a bit tricky for those not 100% fluent in reading Japanese - I was looking up almost all of the kanji in an online dictionary. But it's not impossible. =)

  After you finish registering, you're taken to your homepage. Here, you can fill out diary entries everyday of what you ate, how you felt, and any exercise you did. You are given "points" according to what you ate that day - the more healthy food groups you eat from, the better. A graph is also created for you, showing your changes in weight over time. And lastly, you're given advice - recipes and a paragraph of tips from some health expert that I didn't even try to read.

  All in all, it seems pretty good so far; a bit time-consuming perhaps, but if you're serious about losing weight then it might work for you. Please note that it doesn't actually give you a diet to go on - it gives you space and tools to track your own diet. (Thus why it is called 「ダイエットダイアリー」- "diet diary.)

  Oh, and as a side note - Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there. (The UK, as can be expected, doesn't celebrate this wonderful holiday; however, in November they have a holiday that is celebrated in much the same manner, with fireworks, bonfires, etc. It's called "Guy Fawkes Night", and celebrates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot - when Guy Fawkes and other conspirators tried to blow up the English Parliament. It's very good they were not successful - in the parliament at that time was James I, who instigated translating the Bible for the first time into English.)

  Have a good day everyone!


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