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  Wow, I think I'm making history here - for once, it's not a post about anything Japanese!
  So, last Friday, Dad took four out of six members of the portable sorority out for a day trip to the highlands. (Yeah, you read that right, a day trip.) We were headed for a pass in the mountains called Glencoe, where the Campbells massacred the MacDonalds in 16-something. We're talking clan wars here.
  It was about a three hour drive up to Glencoe - on the way, we stopped for lunch in a small town called Crianlarich. (Near that was a town which we didn't stop in named Kilmahog. I kid you not.) On the way, we saw some gorgeous (yet slightly fog-covered) mountains across Loch Lubnaig, and so I of course made Dad stop so I could grab some pictures. Gave me lovely inspiration for my book.
  Once we got to Glencoe, we took some more pictures, but didn't linger long as it was cold and starting to rain. We then decided to check out the Glencoe Visitor Centre which was a bit up the road, and on the way stopped at a viewing platform to get pictures of the above waterfall.
  As we walked into the visitor's center, there was a group of Asian tourists going in right in front of us. I was trying to judge whether they were Chinese or Japanese (you can usually tell by looking), and then - this made me go ecstatic - I heard them speaking Japanese.
  Okay, so this post is no longer Japan-free. But it was absolutely glorious to hear a large group of people all speaking to each other in casual, everyday Japanese. I couldn't understand much because they were being so quiet, but it was awesome still the same. I couldn't work up the nerve to approach any of them though. ^^

  And that's my adventure post for the week! The sun has just started to break through the clouds outside, so I think I'm going to go and enjoy what little there is. Love to all.


Danelle said…
Just "blog-browsing":

Japan is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!...

I will be here for a few months
and already, I don't want to leave.


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