Salad with Egg and Green Beans

  Don't worry, it tastes better than it sounds. This was a creation of my own today - thought I would try something for lunch besides high-calorie sandwiches with soft bread, mayonnaise, luncheon meat, and cheese. Opened the refrigerator door, took a few moments to scrutinize the contents, and decided on a salad. (My camera cord is still lost, so unfortunately, no pictures... yet.)

  First, I put a pot of water on to make a hardboiled egg. For the salad, I started with spinach leaves as the base, and cut up some slices of cucumber to go with it (about 1/6 of one). I then took some leftover green beans from the fridge and microwaved them, mixing them with a little red wine vinegar to take away the beaniness before throwing them on the salad. While I waited for the egg to finish, I made the dressing - modifying a French Dressing recipe from one of my mom's cookbooks. Recipe that I ended up with is:
- 1/2 cup olive oil
- 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
- 1 tbsp lemon juice
- 1/2 tsp sugar
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 1/4 tsp paprika
- 1/4 tsp ground mustard
- sprinkle of ground pepper (black)
When the egg was ready, I shelled it (wait until it's cool or you'll get burnt fingers, like I did) and chopped it up. Put it on top of the salad, poured the dressing on top, grabbed a glass of water, and I've got my lunch.

  Critique: It was very good - better than I thought it'd turn out to be. I wasn't too sure how the beans would fit in, but they ended up going perfectly with the egg. Only mistake was a product of my leave-no-leftovers tendency; I used all of the dressing in one go. Should've used half - I'll keep that in mind next time. But the dressing turned out quite nice. Next time, I think I'm going to try balsamic vinegar instead of red wine and see what that does.

  If you're trying to eat healthy or on a diet, this is a great meal; I think it totaled about 150 calories at max. And it's quite filling as well - my stomach was satisfied, though I think I'll need an afternoon snack to hold me till dinner. Might try plain yogurt with some pecans mixed in.


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