A Post for a Snowy Day

The past week, Scotland has been covered in a blanket of snow, which has now reached depths of at least 2 feet in most places. Universities have been shut down, there are bread shortages in Tesco, and anyone without wellies (such as myself) finds themselves with feet that are perpetually wet and freezing cold.

However, the way civilisation has come to a near standstill has brought certain wonderful advantages as well. I've spent many delightful hours cooking meals for the freezer, doing Christmas shopping, and finding time to update my blog. So, until I can get photos of the snow, you get a rundown of Thanksgiving to tide you over, albeit a week late.

I got two Thanksgivings this year: one with my physical family, and one with my church family in Edinburgh. Both were glorious affairs, complete with lovely table decorations and even more wonderful food. I'll let the photographic evidence speak for itself.

Overall, it was an utterly spectacular day. How could it not be, considering that I got to spend it with all my favourite people? For me, home is where the heart is; and my heart is at home with these beautiful friends and family members who make life that much more marvellous.

And now, a week later, I sit in my flat, keeping warm with a cup of Earl Grey, and looking forward with great anticipation to this coming Christmas season. My soul is delighted at the prospect of baking trays upon trays of cookies, tidying off the last bits of Christmas shopping, and just sitting, looking out upon the blanketed ground with a cup of tea in my hands, running over the countless blessings in my life. Of which the existence of tea is certainly one of the first.


Mark Kelly said…
Ha ha, your mom has napkins, who'd have thought?

God bless America and all who sail in her!
grace said…
Earl gray and cookies. YUM! :)

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