Good Friends and Shepherd's Pie

As I have now arrived home for Christmas, I have some extra time on my hands to do such things as take photos, blog, and other general pastimes that I really do enjoy, but never seem to have the time for in the big city. So this post is tying off some bits and pieces before I launch into up-to-date, holiday posts.

Around a month ago I made Shepherd's Pie for the first time. It was my first time actually eating it as well, to be honest… I know, I'm a disgrace to all Brits. (Though I'm not technically British. But we'll just ignore that bit, shall we?) The recipe was easy to follow (and can be found here) and the dish turned out very well. For my first attempt, I was very pleased at how tasty it was.

Moving on from food, last Friday I got to see my good friend Charlotte after being separated for about 3 months due to our different term-time residences. It was a day of much merriment, laughter, shopping, and… Starbucks.

I got her to try coffee for the first time. And she loved it. I'm so glad I've gotten another innocent person addicted to this Elixir of Life.


I love this girl.

And that has pretty much been my life over the past few weeks. Look forward to many posts of snow, family and other holiday cheer to follow...


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