Three Years

  It has been three years today since I stepped off the airplane, relocating myself to this land called Scotland. A lot has happened in those three years - I've been exposed to more culture and people types than I've ever come across before. I've made new friends, learned to speak "Scottish", taken Greek, watched two churches being planted, started writing a novel, and become engrossed in Japan. I look back at pictures of my young, naive 13-year-old self, complete with glasses and traintracks - and I find myself amazed at how quickly time flies by. Not only that, but how much one can change as a person in just three years. Yes, deep inside, I have the same personality and emotions - but development as a person is something that can only happen with time.
  Although it was hard leaving friends, family, and practically everything I knew to move to a different country, it was completely worth it. I would not trade these three years, with all their ups and downs and embarrassments, for any other time in the world. As Paul said: "I have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances."

  Here's to the bonnie land of Scotland. 乾杯!!


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