Today, I'm going to review a drink item which I encountered on my homestay with Anri. Its name is カルピス.

(Picture not mine.)

  So, "Calpis" is a summer drink in Japan. As you can see from the picture, it's white, and looks a lot like milk. However, the taste... was indescribable. It was refreshing, tasty - but nothing like I've ever had before. It was half bitter half sweet, and left a slight aftertaste of dryness in my mouth (if that makes any sense). However, I can definately understand why it is drunk in the hot, humid summers of Japan - it seems to re-energize and certainly refreshes. Therefore, all I can say is to try it yourself.

  A couple more quick food notes. One: freezing onigiri really does keep their stickiness/moistness. Don't refrigerate them!! Put them in the freezer once you've made them, individually plastic wrapped, and heat them for about 5 min once you want to eat them. I like to let mine cool down completely before consuming. (Credits to Lunch in a Box.)
  And lastly, custard pudding. I believe I have now almost got them down. Two things from my last attempt that need fixing: they were too solid, e.g. not jiggly enough (I believe I steamed them too long); and they were full of little air holes. Haven't quite figured out how to fix that second issue yet, but I'm working on it.


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