The Ultimate Steak Sandwich

  Yes, this is another food post. This recipe comes from my dad - so all credit goes to him. This is copyrighted. ^^ This was made with leftovers from the steak dinner we ate the night before, cheese and sauce from the fridge, and rolls that he ran to Tesco to get.

・slices of steak, already cooked/grilled/spiced
・sautéed mushrooms
・sautéed green peppers and onions
・slice of Emmental (or equivalent, e.g. Swiss) cheese
・good thick bread roll - whole wheat with nut/seed/oat things on the top is nice
・BBQ sauce
  Taking the steak slices, slice them into thin strips. (Thin talking 1/4 cm wide.) Cut your roll of bread in half and arrange the strips on the bottom, 1-layer thick. Then, take the strips off of the roll and place them on a plate with about the same amount of mushrooms and green onions and pepper. Microwave on high for approx 1 min. Now place them back on the roll as before, put a slice of cheese on top, put the top half of the roll on, and microwave for another 15 sec. Take out, squirt some BBQ sauce on top of the cheese, and eat!

  Review: It was amazing. I think a different kind of bread than what I had last night would have been better - thus why I suggested the above. All the ingredients tied in very nicely with each other, and it was very satisfying. Definitely something I will eat again!


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