Last Farewells + Peanut Butter Cookies

  Today was my last exam, which I am thankful for; but it was also my last day at my current school. Tomorrow, I'm changing schools - for various reasons. The reason I'm not staying till the end of the year at my old school is because, over here, they start the next year's courses in June; and so I have to move now, otherwise I'll be behind.
  Today after my Latin exam (which I'm so thankful I finished!!), I met my friends for lunch, and then they organized a little farewell party for me in our homeroom. Two people brought in cakes (thanks Kader and Anri!! They were SO good!!), and everyone gave me a huge card which they had signed. I only half started crying when Kiki did, and then I really started when Miss L said goodbye. (Don't ask me why.)
  A week on Friday I'm going to visit after school, since I'm going to be getting out at noon and they won't. ^^ So it's not really a final goodbye... yet. Joyce gave me a sushi set - guess how happy I was! Makes the preparation so much easier... and it has instructions for California Rolls too, which I haven't attempted to make yet. I'm going to try and make it coming weekend. I got a card from Kader - and we now have matching bracelets. <3

  On the topic of food, yesterday I made peanut butter cookies. I followed a recipe in this cookie book we have, but encountered slight... difficulty with the size. They kind of exploded while in the oven. So I had to cut them into squares.Don't know what on earth was wrong with them; I'll just have to try again someday.


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