Miura Haruma (Actor)

  Miura Haruma, e.g. 三浦 春馬, is one of the Japanese actors that I really like. I first came across him when I was browsing Yahoo! Japan (or some other equivalent) and saw an advertisement for a movie coming out, "Naoko". I think it was about a runner. Anyways, the main actor caught my eye, and I decided to investigate him. Thus my knowledge of Miura's existence was born.
  I must admit that the first thing I saw him act in was Gokusen 3 - not exactly the best place to act normally, given the circumstances, but I will say that he did (and is doing) and incredible job from what I can tell. I just think it's funny how he swings his arms. ^^
  Anyways, my friend Kader often gives me suggestions of good Japanese films and dramas to watch, watching them herself and knowing my passion. She suggested one movie and one drama - "Koizora" and "14-sai no Haha". I recently looked them both up, and to my surprise and delight, they both featured Miura as a lead/prominent character.
  And so today, I watched the first episode of 14才の母 (lit. "14-year-old Mother"), and it was very good. He is quite a good actor. And as an extra bonus, he's only 18 - which is a slight improvement in moving me away from the older Johnny's affiliates. I'll post reviews etc. once I finish; they're starting to stack up...


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