"Yamato Nadeshiko."

I have come to the conclusion that I am Japanese.

I eat Japanese, think Japanese, and talk (a bit of) Japanese.
I just don't look Japanese.

So, in the sense that I have no Japanese ancestry whatsoever, I am not Japanese.

However, in the sense that every other part of me is aligned with the characteristics that a normal Japanese person would have, I am Japanese.

Two examples. Or more like proof.
1. I liked umeboshi, pickled apricot, the first time I tried it. (Judging from the looks on the faces of 安里ちゃん and her mom, this was not normal behavior for a non-Japanese.)
2. Americans are very definite in their answers, yes? It's always, "This is good" or "That's bad". Always "Yes" or "No". However, Japanese people are like, "This is good, that is good, whichever is good!" When asked to make a decision, I would naturally give the second response.

Thus, this leads to 安里ちゃん giving me the nickname of 大和撫子 - yamato nadeshiko - defined in Jim Breen's Online Japanese Dictionary as "a woman who displays the feminine virtues of old Japan".

It's interesting being one nationality in appearance and another in personality.
I am truly a Japanese American.

Next steps?
1. Become fluent in 日本語.
2. Straighten and cut my hair. (Don't ask why.)

Much love to all,



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