"Course Deadlines and Time Gone-by Too Fast."

After my wonderful period of dedication to writing frequent blog posts, I stopped. Sorry about that two-month hiatus there...

Not much is going on currently... if I could give a title to this episode, I would call it "Course Deadlines and Time Gone-by Too Fast". It is true. With only a week left until 春休み (spring break), there seems to be a project due or a test coming up in every subject. I just got my History mock resit back today, and I am pleased to say that my grade has jumped up to an A. (I won't tell you what it was before.) Tuesday saw our Drama exam performance, which ran smoothly, thank goodness. Yesterday I handed in my Greek investigation, and I signed the form today to send it off. (Boy, that felt good.) Tomorrow we finish up our second Math mock, and then next Tuesday I have a Cicero test. And, finally, on Thursday comes spring break. After that... I think I'll crash.

As for the second part of my title. I have never realized just how true the saying "time goes quicker as you get older" was... until now. I literally seem to have been flying through the past few months. To quote from my monologue done in my Drama play (written by me):

It's an interesting thing, living life. At first, as a child, it seems unbelievably slow; the "two hours" until your friend is coming over to play might as well be a hundred years. But then, you enter school, become a teenager, get a boyfriend, and suddenly it doesn't seem so slow anymore. A week flies by, and you didn't even realize it'd started; a month, and you're wondering where it all went. That's when you start to look back, to reminisce; to reflect on your life, however short it's been.
That's when you start wanting to go back.
© 2008 Julia J.

Anyways, you get the picture. Every single week is a blur now. It comes to Friday afternoon; I stretch out, relax, and before I know it I'm getting ready for school on Sunday night. Monday morning, I'm walking to school, thinking about how much I'm dreading the upcoming week, and next thing I know the bell goes and it's the end of Thursday. Melodramatic, ね?

And that was my little rant for the week. Who knows, I may type more later... it helps me get my thoughts sorted out. Until then... またね!

ジュリア >3<


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