Picture Post

  Thank goodness, as of today, I am done with Higher English! *hums happily to self* The papers weren't the best, but hopefully I've done all right. Next up is French... lovely.

  But other than that, it's time for a bunch of photos that have conglomerated over the last couple of weeks - mostly of food, of course. Okay, so it's all food.

We're now growing an herb garden in our kitchen windowsill! Complete with (left to right) chives, mint, and coriander.

Noodle salad made for dinner a week or so ago, including Chinese noodles, cucumber, spring onions, soy sauce, and sesame seeds.

The fried chicken that went along with the noodle salad. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture once it was cooked... but boy, was it good. Like, finger-lickin' good.

The Chocolate and Orange Roulade I made for my Hospitality exam. Mmm. It did crack slightly though...

My impromptu lunch the other day, made out of leftovers I found around the kitchen. Composed of Italian egg noodles, quickly stir-fired garlic, bacon, carrot, spring onion and tomato, and garnished with pine nuts and soy sauce. Very nice.

Ingredients for dinner I made the other night. Recipe was from the Wagamama cookbook (thanks Mark and Miranda!), and was basically poached cod with various vegetables.

Before being wrapped up and put into the oven. Although tasty, it's not something I would pick to make for dinner again. I couldn't get sake to put in it, which might have contributed to the bland taste.

My birthday cheesecake and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream from last week.


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