Diet Diary: Take 2

  You may remember when I posted about Yahoo! Japan's diet diary function about a year ago. Well, that kind of fell through the cracks at the time... but I've decided to pick it up again.

  First, I reset the diary so I could start over from the beginning. (I think there was also an option to save it or something... dunno.) Filled out all my details (weight, etc.) then moved on to the quick questionnaire I mentioned last time. This time, I thought I'd translate it for the general benefit of the English speaking world. (Please note: I am not a professional translator, so these are very rough translations.)

1. Your skin is rough and make-up aggravates it.
2. You worry because your body's waste elimination is bad.
3. At the moment, your period is irregular.
4. It's worrying because your hands and feet get cold often.
5. You don't have any self-confidence.
6. You don't think anything good can happen from here on out.
7. You feel that interacting with other people is tiring.
8. Days when you have a break (i.e. no school, work) you just sit in the house doing nothing.
9. There are lots of things that irritate you.
10. You've wanted to eat spicy foods excessively.
11. You eat lots of sweets and snacks.
12. Your shoulders are stiff.
13. Your eyes get tired and you can't do computer or watch TV for long amounts of time.
14. You don't want to eat and have no appetite.
15. It takes a while to go to sleep.
16. You're overweight and have many listless days.
17. You're often tired.

Some of those are reasonable, others are plain weird, and a lot sound like symptoms for anorexia nervosa. But anyways, for each statement you can answer "Applicable", "Kind of applicable", "Neither", "Not really applicable", and "Not applicable".

  Once you get past that stage, it's pretty easy - mainly writing in what you ate for each meal, how you felt afterwards, how many calories you consumed and how many you burned. I find the most tedious bit the calorie-counting - how am I supposed to know how many calories are in my Mom's home-made lasagna?! One thing that's nice about the Diet Diary though is that you can see what food groups you're eating from. The more rounded-out your selection of food groups are, the better.

  This time I think I'm pretty motivated to slim down for France this summer. Hopefully keeping track of what I eat will help! がんばりましょう!


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