Cakes, Croquettes, and オムライス

  About a month ago, I made my first attempt at croquettes for dinner for the family. I followed a recipe for beef and potato croquettes from Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking, and this is what they turned out like.

Sorry it's so blurred.
  Anyways, they turned out okay; except that I should have used normal breadcrumbs instead of the "golden" ones (because they were orange, not "golden"). Tonkatsu breadcrumbs would've been even better. And as for actually making them - they took much longer than I thought they would, mainly because I followed the book's detailed and overly long instructions to mash potatoes. Also, I think the ratio of potato to meat was a bit skewed, as the croquettes had a hard time retaining their shape towards the end. However, they were mostly a success, and were very well liked by everyone. (Hey, at least they tasted good.)

  Next up: omu rice.

This is a popular and easy family dish that is made often in Japan; for this one, I got the recipe off a Japanese cooking website. I had to modify the ingredients slightly, making a few substitutions here and there, but it turned out pretty nicely. Even my mom liked it - an accomplishment for Japanese food of any type. All in all, it was a keeper. I would really like to have it cooked by a native one day though, just so I can see how it's supposed to taste.

  And finally, the cakes. I won't say much - just let you drool over the pictures.

Joanna's birthday cake - a chocolate chip cheesecake. (This was made by my grandmother; not me.)

A chocolate gateau made in Home Ec

A sponge cake made a couple months ago for the girls' connection group I attend.


Charley said…
I remember that gateau haha, :)

I posted something about a girl and boy that you might like hehe.

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