Weather related...

So it was cold yesterday. Okay, freezing. I walked out of the house on my way to school and just stopped my face from becoming intimately acquainted with the ice-covered cement below me.

However, give it to Scotland to have irregularity in weather patterns. Serious irregularity. This morning, once again stepping into the dusky gloom of a winter morning, I braced myself for the icy chill that I presumed would try to wrap its way inside my blazer. On the contrary, much to my surprise and delight, I was greeted by a cool westerly-feeling temperature. (For all you Americans, 'cool' means low 50's. And that's like a decent spring over here.) It was actually warmish. But then again, now it's back to low 40's and raining a tsunami out there. Whoever said that Scotland could go through all four seasons in a day... you are perfectly correct, my friend.

Other than that, mock exam period is OVER. I've got most of them back... with mixed results. I would like everyone to be aware of the fact that over here, getting an 'A' requires 70% or more. I have come up with two possible theories to explain this extremely low grade boundary. One, Brits are just thick. Two, the exams are just beastly. Somehow I'm thinking it's the latter. So trust me, getting an 'A' isn't as easy as it sounds. However, getting back a paper with a grade 'B' written on it, right beside a '62%' scrawled in pencil, is somewhat disheartening.


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