House Tour: Master Bedroom

Our home, as is typical of many young married couples in Japan, is a 1LDK. This means there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, and one bedroom. However, since married couples always have a master bedroom, I am calling our one and only bedroom, "the master bedroom".

I actually wasn't planning to post this until our room was completely finished. The frames still don't hold photos from our wedding, there are bags of clothes I need to give away, and our duvet covers are not yet the matching ones I hope to get. However, I realised that with our homes, and in the same way with our lives, we often don't want to show the imperfect. We only post photos of the "perfect" moments, the completed snapshots; always the after, never the before. While in reality, most of life is imperfect. Who are we even trying to kid? Why do we envy all those perfect pictures on social media, and strive to post the same kind of pictures - when our life doesn't look anything like that normally, and neither does anyone else's? So, just like I try to be authentic and admit my imperfection in life, I am disclosing the incompleteness of our bedroom. Welcome to our imperfect, unfinished, yet beautiful and comfortable home.

I hope that with your life, just like these photos, you won't be afraid of the imperfection and instead embrace the beautiful. Be real with the messiness that makes you human. People love you, no matter whether your duvet covers are matching or not.

(Speaking of duvets, do any other married couples out there use two singles instead of a double? We have done that since Day One - simply for lack of a double duvet - but have found it so easy and fight-preventing, we've decided to keep it this way. Any other fights or arguments you've circumvented with a little creativity?)


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