The Majesty of a King

I have come to the conclusion that we are devoid of true majesty in this world.

Our postmodern life has been stripped of anything resembling glory, anything that we would still view as truly awe-inspiring.

There are still kings. There are still princes, emperors. But they are seen as figure-heads, tourist bait, drains on precious revenue that could be used better elsewhere by our debt-laden government budgets.

There are actresses and actors whom, if we saw them on the street, we might start screaming at and wildly snapping photos of - like overexcited children at the zoo would towards some exotic animal.

There are impressive monuments, respected world leaders, breathtaking pieces of art or music captured by some genius on paper.

But there is scarce little majesty left in this world.

The closest we come is through what can be found in nature. Niagara Falls. The Grand Canyon. The Northern Lights. The sight of Mount Fuji, snow-capped and framed across the lake by light pink blossoms at the height of their season. A sunset so glorious we stop, whatever we're doing, wherever we are, and just stare, until it sinks below the purple-rimmed clouds and is lost in a flurry of dark gold. A storm cloud so vast we are dumbstruck at its size, glued to our screens in awe-ridden terror as we watch its descent. 

But we don't - most of us - fall down in speechless wonder and worship when we behold these sights.

Maybe this is why, in our individualistic, equality-seeking modern world of the self-made man, we find it difficult to approach God as King. 

To find gravity in the meaning of our prayers when we address Him as Lord.

To understand the weight of glory possessed by the One to whom we are speaking. To understand the radiant majesty of Yahweh, whom we now call so often by His Name, one which ancient people dared not even write fully on paper.

For we have been given access behind the curtain, been invited into the innermost chamber. We have been adopted as sons. And this is beautiful. But in and amongst all this privilege and grace, maybe we have lost sight of God's awe-inspiring glory. His wonder. His fierce beauty. His utter perfection.

It is hard to see his Majesty when, I can't help but think, we're not even sure what that word means anymore.


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