The Dissertation Submission and All It Entails

Much has happened in the last week or so, the foremost of which was the hand-in of the big dissertation. The title was "The Incompatibility of Work and Family", the word count sat at a grand total of 10312 words (excluding footnotes), and I am truly glad to have it over and done with.

Proudly handing it into the Asian Studies dropbox in David Hume Tower

The weekend after involved much sleeping, and various celebratory pub visits occurred over the following week as more of my friends handed in their dissertations as well.

Dagda Bar, just across from George Square campus - a charming place only recently discovered by my friends and I

I finally have some room to breathe - apart from the two translation projects, two group presentations, and one 3000 word essay that are due over the next three weeks. Certainly not time to be kicking back and basking in the sun (despite some gloriously sunny days had over the last week, resulting in hoards of students flocking to the Meadows to take advantage of the rare opportunity for vitamin D acquisition). But having the dissertation done is a big weight off my mind, and it won't be long until classes finish for Easter Break... and I am well and truly done with my fourth year of university.

View from my bedroom window this Sunday afternoon

Of course summer plans, post-graduation plans, job-hunting, and all of that wonderful adult nonsense awaits on the other side of the fence. Part of me cannot wait to be out of university, in a job, earning those big dollar bills (cough cough). And the other part is trying desperately to hold on to the end of my career in education - the only thing I have known from age 5 up until now - as it quickly slips through my fingers.

Barclay Viewforth Church from the Meadows today

I can only enjoy every moment I have. And there are so many wonderful things going on: church, a Biblical interpretation class, meeting with friends, going to operas, having banterous nights with my two awesome flatmates, periodical drinks at Teviot with the most wonderful Japanese class ever. As I steadily approach graduation day, I am determined to make this the best spring and summer in Edinburgh yet.


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